Weird T Science - Tale one: More Than Human

Weird T Science - Tale one: More Than Human is a 107 page comic.

In this comic the story of Tony continues! After being abducted in Planet Stiletto 3: Abduction, Tony was turned into a shemale slut and with the help of his new Mistress went to find his friend Christopher, only to discover he’d suffered a similar fate. In this comic, we find out what happens to both of these former men as their adventures on Planet Stiletto continue!

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“More Than Human” is the first tale of a new sci-fi series by decaMeron X named “Weird T Science”. In story Samuel, a new graduate in mechanical and software engineering, is hired by one of the most advanced and secret Robotics Laboratories of the world. He even breaks up with his hot fiancee to follow his dream and work with Miss Maya Schopenhauer on her human-like androids. But soon he discovers that Maya’s creatures are not only advanced machines: they are actually sissy slave dolls intended to be sold as slaves for adult entertainment. Will Samuel manage to escape from Maya’s madness or will he be turned himself into one of her submissive sissy dolls?

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