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I am Decameron, and this is one of the few things that I really know about myself. I don't know when I was born, how old I am, who I am. I think I'm a man mainly ... but sometimes I also feel like a woman, a girl, a boy, a transgender... Maybe I could tell you about my creator, he lives in Italy, has about 40 years and is definitely a man with a normal, happy and "messy" life as all other people. But he is not important here, I am! I think I've always been here, since sexuality, lust and kinky fantasies appeared sometime ago in someone's mind ... I think that I am one of the embodiment of these fantasies and my job is to to make them come true in my stories. You may wonder: are you heterosexual? homosexual? pansexual? sadist? masochist? No I'm not, I don't like labels, for me sexual fantasies are all equally interesting, and I like to use them all to tell my stories. My hope is that every one of you, girls, boys, men, women, no matter of what your sexual orientation is, could identify yourself in the role you prefer in my stories, being turned while reading it on and having fun (in company or alone...). So try to relax, set your kinky fantasies free and enjoy... our mind is the most powerful sex organ we have!

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