domenica 30 ottobre 2016


Happy Halloween - Lilith and Brandi sissy sluts party

Mistress Lilith and Mistress Brandi decided to celebrate Halloween with a party...

do you want to join them???

Happy Halloween!!!

sabato 15 ottobre 2016


Weird T Science - Second teaser

The main characters of the first story are ready and also the entire plot.

Tomorrow I will start with he firsts renderings ... it will be a 70 pages story so it will take some time but I will let you updated... and give you some free pics that will anticipate the comic graphic.


lunedì 19 settembre 2016


Working on a new comic series

Hello everyone!

I'm proud to show you the first promo pic of a new upcoming series I'm working on.

The series name is "Weird T Science" and it'll be more like a collection of self concluding single stories connected by a common sci-fi theme.

Obviously there will be a lot of sex, femdom, feminization and futa ...

The first story will be set up in a futuristic laboratory called "More Than Human" where a few young skilled engineers, under the supervision of a mysterious (and damn hot) woman named Maya M Schopenhauer, are developing ultra-realistic androids and advanced technologies to aid people in normal life activities.

But only a few selected customers can access the secret catalog of "Adult Cyber Toys", a line designed personally by Miss Maya for... adult entertainment. Take a look at this Sissy Cock Remote Control Cage... do you think you (or your Mistress) need one?

giovedì 4 agosto 2016


Kara's precious help - part 3 - final

After a long time, I finally had the time to complete this short story!
Forgive me for the long wait!!!

Enjoy it and I wish happy holidays to everyone of you hot sexy girls, gurls, boys, femobois, men, women, sissies, shemales, futa-girls, t-girls (have I missed someone? :) )

At september I will be back with new productions and new full comics!
Stay tuned and remember to support me buying my comics!!!


venerdì 8 luglio 2016


New book cover - Lust Hunters - Desdemona

I'm proud to show you a new cover I've made for my dear friend Stefilé.

This is first book: Lust Hunters - Desdemona. She's a great writer and this is her first book.

The book is in Italian language and is a really awesome fantasy story about vampires, succubus and with a lot of sex too.

Don't miss it:

Atene, anno 420 a.C.: nasce Desdemona Partenide, Succubus Antica. Abbandonata dalla madre Diotima, viene affidata al nobile Antimeone, che ha cura di lei per trentacinque anni. Malato, l'aristocratico medita di offrirla in sposa ad Alessandro il Grande, ma Desdemona si oppone: si rifugerà in un tempio consacrato per altri quarant'anni, finché Goliath Akbar, Eterno emissario di Magno, non la raggiungerà. Tra i due nascerà un amore passionale destinato a durare per due millenni, nonostante le numerose vicissitudini che dovranno affrontare: una famiglia dispersa per il globo, una sete di sesso e vendetta implacabile. Inoltre, una strana e inquietante profezia sta per compiersi...

venerdì 20 maggio 2016


Kara's precious help - part 2

Enjoy the second part of Kara's precious help!

sabato 30 aprile 2016


Finally back with a new free web-comic - Kara's precious help - part 1

Hello everyone!

After a long break (due to hard work and some changes in my life) I'm back with a brand new free web-comic.

These are the first 8 pages ... there will be more soon!

The story is set up a little time after the last Planet Stiletto comic. As always there will be a lot of kinky situations involving Kara, Lilith, Brandi ... and .. yes... also Decameron X... or maybe not... :)

Enjoy the story and remember to support me buying my comics!