This page is dedicated to all my Web-Comics, short free comics that I've published in these years on my blog for your pleasure.

Decameron Hypno Girl (D.H.G.) - series

The dangerous collars
Main character and model: Serena
Synopsis: A beautiful girl named Serena volunteered for some tests on a collar technology developed by mad scientist and professor Moore. These collars will be the future against every type of relationship issues but, at the moment, they are too dangerous to be used. The things get wrong when Simon, professor Moore's assistant, thinks to use them to hypnotize Serena and get her naked...
Contains: 18+, sex, blowjob, body melting, hypnosis, sci-fi, experiment, collars
Pages: 20

Denise the Sexy teacher
Main character and model: Denise
Synopsis: A gorgeous teacher named Denise tries to teach some manners to one of her students but he has magical wand and uses it to get the teacher hypnotized. Then when Denise is a puppet in his hands he decides to have some fun with it's smartphone...
Contains: 18+, hypnosis, naked teacher, masturbation
Pages: 3 (to be continued?)

Jane and the Amazons Futa
Main character and model: Jane
Synopsis: Jane gets again in some troubles. This time she finds herself surrounded by sexy and savage amazons. The amazon queen uses her magical stick to hypnotize her and turn her into their sexual pet. The amazons can't wait to show Jane they have a big surprise for her beneath their loins ...
Contains: 18+, sex, hypnosis, fantasy, futanari, blowjob, threesome, orgy, bukkake
Pages: 8

Hypno snake
Synopsis: A young and gorgeous girl gets lost in the jungle during an excursion. A big snake uses his hypno-powers to enslave her for its Mistress...
Contains: 18+, hypnosis, fantasy, snake hypno, big boobs
Pages: 2 (to be continued?)

Lust hunters - series

The initiation of Denise
Main character: Denise
Synopsis: A bored wife and mother accepts to be involved in an initiation ceremony to become the secret slave of the mysterious Master Goliath ...
Contains: 18+, domination, collar, slave, sex, BDSM, fantasy, vampires
Pages: 28 (to be continued)

S.p.e.r.m. (Sexual Power Extraction Rogue Mission) - series

The feminization of Atena
Main character: Atena
Synopsis: On Lilith spaceship Atena, an androgyne alien, has to test the Virtual Reality System used to brainwash human slaves' minds. She chooses to experiment on herself what it could feel for a human boy to be turned into a girl by three naughty Mistresses ...
Contains: 18+, domination, forced feminization, slave, sex, cross dressing, futanari
Pages: 15

The training of Jessie
Main characters and models: Jessie and Jane
Synopsis: Lilith is an alien succubus ... she is a strict Mistress and trainer and her work is to abduct females form planet earth and turn them into brainless slave sluts... today's training begins with gorgeous Jessie and ends with a slutty hottie named Jane ...
Contains: 18+, domination, adbuction, slave, sex, mind control
Pages: 8+(1 bonus)

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